Well Pump Services in Redmond, WA

Redmond, WA, residents on a well need a stable water supply. Any resident who has a water well knows how valuable a timely repair can be. Lack of water from your water well system affect the entire property. Our  technicians in Redmond can come to the rescue when there’s an issue with your well water or well pump.

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Little to No Water Flowing from Faucets  

If no water is flowing to your house the well pump system may require repair or replacement. Well pumps usually pull water from a deep well underground. Some are hundreds of feet deep. We have special well trucks that are designed to remove these underground pumps. Well pump services in Redmond, WA, can restore your water service today.

Is the Water Sputtering at the Faucet?

Air in the water line from a malfunctioning pump system or a leak in the piping can cause the water to sputter when flowing from the faucet. We will inspect the system to determine what has changed. Our technician can make repairs as requested. 

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An Increase in Your Electrical Bill?

An increase in your electrical bill may mean your well pump is faulty. This could mean the pump is running continuously. It may not be able to shut off automatically. We can help with that. Frequent cycling or running nonstop is an indication to set up a Well Pump Repair in Redmond, WA.

Power not getting to the Pump?

We are electricians and when repairs are needed we are equipped and licensed to repair the problem. If necessary, we excavate and install new power lines.

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Sediment or Light Sand in the Water

Sediment and minerals wear away at your well pump and plumbing systems. The pump may become damaged, and the faucet and appliance filter screens may become plugged. The problem may be a sediment impaired well. One of our professionals can “Bail” the well. This involves removing the well pump and using a special well suction plunger. Sediment in the well is removed and water production is increased. 

Where water flow is not impaired by sediment collecting at the bottom of the well but there is sediment in the water, an automatic Sand Filter can be installed on the surface that spins out sediment that continues to infiltrate into the well. We have many self-maintaining Automatic Sand Filter installations in place. Call to set up an appointment if you have sediment in your water.

Changes in Water Pressure

Water pressure changes are indicators that your well pump isn’t working properly or a water line is leaking. An inspection of the well system will reveal the culprit. 

Decreased Water Quality 

Poor water quality could indicate bacterial growth in the well. The well water can be tested for these harmful substances.  We do these tests and remedy water related issues every day.

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The technicians at Specialty Pump & Well complete inspections for wells and pinpoint common problems that impair the water supply. Sometimes well pump systems need to be replaced to restore water services. That’s what we do. We remedy your well system problems and make your water system work again.

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