Well Pump Services in Issaquah, WA

Homeowners in Issaquah can schedule repair services at the first sign of well or well pump issues. Specialty Pump & Well understands the importance of inspecting the well and the major components.  

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Are There Contaminants in your Water ?

Automatic Filtration Systems are often used for contaminants in well water. Call for a lab processed water test. The lab will inform us of the water’s current health status. We then can make a recommendation for a Water Treatment System in Issaquah and offer a complete estimate. 

Sediment in the Water Lines? 

Well inspections in Issaquah can help in maintaining pump and water system components.  We can remove sediment with simple filters or with more advanced automatic ways.

Is the Water Sputtering at the Faucet?

Air in the water line from a malfunctioning pump or a leak in the piping can cause the water to sputter when flowing from the faucet. We will inspect the system to determine what has changed. Our technician can make repairs as requested. 

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Odor in the water?

Water testing can determine the type of contamination that may be causing the odor. The water is most likely still drinkable but it is certainly not aesthetically pleasing. Specialty Pump and Well can offer a solution. 

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The technicians at Specialty Pump & Well understand the importance of following the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions during product installation. Our technicians test the surrounding components during any installation. Call us for well or pump services! 

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