Well & Pump Services in Fall City, WA

Homeowners in Fall City, Washington, find water wells beneficial, as they provide a steady supply of water for the home. Water wells are a terrific alternative to public water utilities and generate incredible savings for property owners. 

The water wells are operated via an electrical connection, and a well pump pulls water from the well as the owner needs it. When well or well pump issues arise, you will need to contact a professional to restore the water supply and prevent further damage to the well pump. 

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There’s No Power Supply for the Pump

Well pump services in Fall City are helpful when the pump’s power supply is faulty. One of our technicians will test the power supply if the well pump isn’t engaging. The issue is a simple fix for most well models, and once the power supply has been restored, the pump operates as expected and provides adequate water for the home. 

Unexpected Increases in Energy Consumption 

A Well Pump Installation in Fall City must follow all manufacturer’s instructions, and licensed professionals will complete the tests as directed. However, a common telltale sign that an amateur installed the pump is an unexpected increase in energy consumption.

The well pump must shut down when not in use. If the well is not refilling from the water supply or the owner hasn’t used any plumbing system in the home, the pump shouldn’t engage. By installing the power switch incorrectly, the system will engage all the time and create higher power costs. 

Testing the Pressure Switch

For pressure switch issues, a licensed professional can test the switch. If the switch doesn’t work, the switch is faulty and must be replaced quickly. The pressure switch is a major component for a well, and a replacement is the only way to continue a steady supply of water to the home. 

Test the Pump Controller

The pump controller determines when the well pump engages, draws water from the well, and sends the water supply to the plumbing fixtures in the home. If the controller is faulty, the pump engages irregularly or may operate continuously.

Frequent cycling causes excessive energy costs and consumption. The owner won’t get the same savings that are expected from a water well if the controller doesn’t control the well. Well Inspections in Fall City can help owners find out if the pump controller must be replaced. 

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Test the Air Valve at the Pressure Tank

Pulsing water means the tank is waterlogged, and this indicates that there isn’t enough air pressure in the tank. When trying to get water in the home, the owner will notice that the water pulses instead of flowing regularly through faucets and showers. The sudden change in pressure requires an air valve replacement to restore pressure in the tank. 

Mud Flowing Through Water Lines

If the owner sees mud flowing into the tub or sinks, the well pump may be clogged. When all the water is emptied out of a water well, the pump engages to pull more water from the water supply. Unfortunately, when this happens, mud could get sucked into the well pump. Under the circumstances, the well pump must be removed and cleaned along with all affected water lines. 

The Pump Has Failed

The clearest sign that the pump has failed is there is no water coming from fixtures in the property. If the pump fails, there isn’t a water supply, and the homeowner must contact a service provider to replace the pump before water services are restored. The process could take a few days. 

Fall City homeowners that use water wells need to schedule inspections for the well and the pump each year. The assessments address all major components in the well and determine if there are existing problems. If the owner has noticed any signs of pump issues, one of our skilled professionals can perform repair or replacement services. 

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A water well can provide a dedicated water source for the property and help owners save money on local utilities. The well pump is a vital component for the wells, and the wells won’t perform as expected if the pump is failing. There are several issues that indicate that the pump is faulty or that components that connect to the pump services aren’t performing well. A Specialty Pump & Well technician can complete a multitude of services to correct common problems. 

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