Pump & Well Services in Fall City, WA

When well water related issues arise in Fall City, WA contact us for repairs or restoration. We are equipped and trained to remedy water related issues like  low water pressure or even a low water supply from the well.

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No Power Supply to the Pump?

Specialty Pump and Well is a licensed electrical contractor. We can help if the pump power supply is faulty. Our technician can test the power supply and power line to the pump if the well pump isn’t operating. We are fully licensed and equipped to install a new power supply including the electrical panel and continuing the wiring to the pump. We have our own excavator for trenching power and water lines.

Testing the Pressure Switch

A licensed professional can test your pressure switch if you have one. Newer systems are moving away from pressure switches. Call us if you still have the older technology and the switch doesn’t work correctly.

Testing the Pump Controller

The pump controller engages with the well pump to operate and draw water from the well.  The pump then pressurizes the water, and it is forced on to the plumbing fixtures in the home. Frequent cycling causes excessive energy use. Well Inspections in Fall City can help owners find out if the pump controller needs service. 

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Testing the Pressure Tank pressure

A pulsing water pressure tank is a waterlogged storage tank. It probably has a blown air ballast. It may look just fine on the outside but the air ballast may be burst inside the tank. When running water in the home you will notice that the water pulses instead of flowing regularly through faucets and showers. Call us for service to remedy this.

Sediment or Bacteria in the Water 

The system may need filtration if you see sediment in your water. Call us for water testing and filtration. For organic problems such as Coliform and E-Coli, we test the water using a water testing laboratory. We will then offer a solution to purify the problem water.

The Pump Has Failed

Call us if you are experiencing a no water condition. We answer the phone 24 hours a day and make repairs and replace well pumps on the weekend.

Fall City homeowners on water wells can schedule an inspection for their well system at any time. The inspection will address the condition of the well pump system and reveal problems that may need addressing. If you have noticed water pressure or volume issues one of our professionals can perform the repairs. 

Need Professional Well Pump Services? Call Specialty Pump & Well

A water well provides a dedicated water source for your property.  There are indications when a pump system is faulty or when components connected to the pump aren’t performing correctly. A Specialty Pump & Well   technician can repair your system should the need arise.

For more information on our well and pump services in Fall City, WA or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123.