Well Pump Services in King County, WA

King County property owners should schedule well maintenance services each year to reduce issues and retain coverage through product warranties. Routine maintenance and repair services extend the longevity of plumbing systems such as wells and well pumps. With wells, the pump is a major component that is required to pull water from underground water sources. If the well pump isn’t working as expected, an inspection will need to be scheduled to locate the cause of the problem. 

The professionals at Specialty Pump & Well understand how to perform maintenance services for wells according to product warranties and retain coverage for the owner. The manufacturer’s instructions are outlined in the warranty and improve the way the well and pump run. By setting up routine maintenance services, property owners can increase the longevity of the major component and get more use-value from the installation. 

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Sand or Mud in Your Water?

Sand or mud in your home’s plumbing system or water-using appliances is caused by a low water level in the well or a faulty pump. Wells pull water from underground water sources, and during a drought, the pump could pull sand instead of water. If the culprit is a drought, these effects are temporary, but a professional may need to clean the pump to prevent further issues. Homeowners can set up well pump services in King County, WA if any of these issues emerge. 

Noises Coming From the Pump

Odd noises coming from the pump could indicate that the pump is trying to work but is failing. The culprit could be a faulty pump that requires replacement, but if the problem is electrical, the electrical connection to the pump must be repaired. We can provide an estimate for a new well pump installation in King County that includes all supplies and labor costs. 

Managing a Lower Water Table

A lower water table could be attributed to a drought, but if the problem isn’t corrected when the water supply increases, there is a more serious issue. If the problem continues, the pump may not be far enough in the ground to access the water source. Well inspections in King County can help our technicians review the depth of the pump and establish if the installation isn’t deep enough. We can help restore water services and ensure that your home is getting enough water each day. 

Getting the Correct Pump Size

The pump must be the appropriate size for the property, or the component won’t perform up to expectations. Our technicians can review the details of the pump and compare the size to the household water demands. If the pump is the incorrect size, the pump must be replaced to accommodate the entire household and all water requirements. 

We can provide an estimate for the new pump, as well as provide details about the appropriate size needed to improve the flow of water. When a pump is too small, the component becomes overworked and fails prematurely. 

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High Volumes of Sediment in Your Plumbing System

Sediment can destroy a pump quickly, and those contaminants will flow throughout the entire plumbing system. Plumbing installations such as water heaters must be drained regularly to prevent tank damage. The sediment can cause rust and corrosion in the plumbing lines and connections. When reviewing the well, we can test the pressure switch or tank. If the components are failing, the pump becomes damaged and won’t provide enough water for the home. 

By replacing the faulty components, the homeowner can restore the flow of water through the plumbing system. If sediment is found in the water lines, the owner will need to get the pipes cleaned professionally to prevent sediment from causing serious damage. 

King County property owners must schedule maintenance services for their wells and determine if there are any problems. Well pumps could become damaged because of underlying issues such as component failures. Low or inconsistent air pressure in the tank could cause sputtering from the sink or tub, and the owner won’t get water as expected. 

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The skilled technicians at Specialty Pump & Well can perform the maintenance services as directed by product warranties. Proper maintenance eliminates problems and extends the expected life of the pump. Dedicated water services are vital for all households, and the pump must work as expected to provide a sufficient amount of water each day.

Our well services can identify problems that stop the pump from working and ensure that the component accesses water from the underground sources. Our services include inspections, repairs, and new installations. 

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