Well Pump Services in King County, WA

King County property owners can call anytime for repairs on their well pump. We operate crane trucks for well pump service even on the weekend. Call us if your well pump isn’t delivering water. 

The professionals at Specialty Pump & Well also perform maintenance services for wells according to product warranties to retain your pump system warranty coverage. By setting up a well inspection or a well service agreement, property owners can vastly increase their system longevity.

Contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123 for more information on our well services or to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled pump and well technicians.

Sediment in Your Water?

Sediment or discoloration in your home’s plumbing system can be caused by a leaking pipe down the well or a faulty well pump. Homeowners can set up well pump services by calling us anytime in King County, WA.

Noises Coming from the Pump

Odd noises coming from the pump could indicate the pump is failing. The culprit could also be an electrical issue. We are a Licensed Washington Electrical Contractor and can repair any electrical issue. We will provide an estimate for a new well pump installation in King County that includes all necessary supplies and installation.

Managing a Reduced Well Water Supply

A lower water table would naturally be attributed to drought conditions. That is not usually the case. Most of the causes of low water recovery can be corrected without drilling a new well. We can help restore water service and ensure that your home is adequate water. Sometimes we will suggest “bailing” the well. We remove the pump from and utilize a special suction device to remove sediment from the bottom of the well. Ask about it.

The Correct Pump Size

The pump flow and control setup is limited to the water recovery rate of the well or the system may over pump the well. Our technicians also review the pump size in relation to the household water or irrigation demand. If the well does not produce enough water, we can suggest solution. If the current pump is undersized for the well water recovery rate, we can suggest a solution.  The installation of a storage tank setup is one popular solution,

Need professional well services in King County, WA? Call Specialty Pump & Well today at (425) 487-0123!

Need Professional Well Services? Call Specialty Pump & Well!

The skilled technicians at Specialty Pump & Well can perform maintenance services on your well.

Our inspection services can identify problems that impair your well pump from working properly. 

For more information on our well and pump services in King County, WA or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123.