Well Inspections in Snohomish, WA

Many property owners prefer well water because the water comes from natural sources and isn’t treated by the city or county. By using a well, the owner won’t face water expenses through a local water authority or utility company. When accessing the water, a pump pulls the water from the well and the water flows through the plumbing system to the various fixtures in the home. By inspecting the well our experts can find problem areas and provide fast solutions. 

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Conduct a Flow Test

The well must produce enough water to accommodate all household demands. If you’re experiencing low water volume or intermittent outages, a flow test might be a good idea. If the findings show that the pump cannot maintain an adequate water supply, there could be an issue with the pump, or the owner may need to upgrade the well itself. Larger families consume higher volumes of water each day, and the well must provide enough water and provide the water via the pump.

Most real estate transactions for properties on well water require a flow test as part of the loan conditions. In order to meet most bank requirements, a flow test must be performed. We measure the output of the well over a 4 hour period to determine what the flow rate of the well is. Talk to your real estate agent or loan officer to see what the minimum flow requirements are.  

Health Code and Sanitation Assessments

The well inspection must include an assessment of drinking water and verify that the water is free of contaminants. The pump, storage tank, and other components of the well must remain clean and free of harmful toxins.

Testing for Bacteria and Nitrates

Our experts test the water flowing from the well for harmful bacteria and nitrates. While many homeowners use water filtration systems, there is still a risk of microbes and other parasites in well water.

Water quality testing shows if the water is safe and if treatments or systems are needed to control bacterial growth and parasites. During a water well inspection, our skilled technicians complete tests and report the findings to the owner. 

Assessing Connecting Water Lines

Visible water line inspections are included in the well inspection. If there is a water leak, a pipe could be broken and require repair. Pinpointing  damaged drain lines is an important part of this process. If an issue is found, we can provide an estimate and set up the repair service quickly. 

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Reviewing the Recommendations and Reports

After an inspection, all findings are reported to the property owner, and we can provide an estimate for repair or replacement services. 

Where to Get Well Inspection Services 

Our company offers comprehensive inspections and repairs for all well systems. To find out more about our well inspection services, contact us for an appointment today!  

Water well inspections are a part of annual maintenance to determine if the system meets current health regulations. All components must work appropriately to maintain a safe water supply for your home. If water is not flowing from the well, there could be damage or a major component has failed. 

Our experts will review all components and test the power supply. The water can be tested for health risks, and we can determine if the groundwater has been contaminated. The findings will show if the well requires repairs or component replacements. By scheduling an inspection, property owners maintain a safe water supply and avoid health risks for themselves and their families. 

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