Well Pump Services in Sammamish, WA

Many homes in rural America rely on wells and septic systems for water and waste disposal. Countless houses today benefit from the addition of a sump pump, as well. However, these systems need maintenance to operate properly. What must a person know if they have one of these systems in their home or on their property in Sammamish? Let our skilled professionals walk you through all of the important features. 

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Well Pumps

Water well inspections remain a necessity to ensure the water well operates properly. In addition, this inspection allows the homeowner to know that the water the family drinks is safe for human consumption. Any issues with water quality become apparent when the well is inspected by a professional.  

Contact us for well water testing before purchasing a home with this type of system. Sellers may request this service to have repairs carried out before putting a home on the market. However, buyers should always request the inspection to learn of any problems before finalizing the sale. 

Many problems may arise with a water well system. The pump may turn on and off frequently, or the water may contain bacteria, arsenic, sand, and other contaminants. Our inspectors find these problems and offer solutions, so you know the water servicing your home is safe for human use. In addition to water well inspections in Sammamish, our team also handles well pump installation in Sammamish. Regardless of what your water well system requires, we are the team to call.

Water Treatment and Filtration

Water, regardless of where it comes from, may contain contaminants harmful to humans. If you are worried about the quality of the water your family is drinking, call us. We offer water treatment and filtration services, so you have peace of mind when using the water supplying your home. 

Many homeowners aren’t aware that the Environmental Protection Agency doesn’t regulate wells on private property. This falls on the homeowner. Upon inspection of the well, we may recommend you install water treatment and filtration devices. 

The treatment and filtration devices provide safe, clean water for the home. As a result, individuals find their water and ice taste better. In addition, they no longer need to drink bottled water, which helps offset the cost of these devices. What many people don’t realize is that the benefits of water filtration and treatment systems extend far beyond this. 

Clothes last longer when this type of system is present in the home. Less soap is needed to wash the clothes, and mineral deposits that negatively affect these appliances and devices become a thing of the past. The contaminants present in unfiltered water may also damage the plumbing system. Reduce the need for repairs by having a water filtration and treatment system installed for use with your well. 

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Sump and Sewer Pumps

Snow and rain often make their way into the home. When the house floods, damage often occurs. Prevent this from happening by installing a sump pump in the home. This pump collects the water and moves it away from the home to stop the residence from flooding. 

In addition, sump pumps are a  great help when a plumbing issue occurs in the home. Water flows downward and will make its way to the area where the sump pump is. The pump then moves it away from the home. Although you will need to repair any damage from the plumbing accident, the sump pump helps to reduce this damage. The area of the home where the issue occurred will need the most repairs, rather than the lowest level of the home. 

Some homes also have sewage pumps. These pumps collect sewage from the home and remove it to the sewage tank or main. If the home is lower than this tank or main, the pump must be operational at all times to ensure sewage doesn’t collect in the home. If the pump fails or malfunctions in any way, call us. We’ll send someone out to determine what the problem is and how best to fix it. Prompt action ensures you don’t have sewage collecting in the home, where it can make you sick.

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