Well Pump Services in Carnation, WA

Carnation homeowners need reliable water services to accommodate their daily water demands.  Our professionals can inspect your well system for common problems. During an inspection we will provide a report and can provide estimates for repair or replacement services. 

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Issues With the Pressure

Over time older well piping can develop corrosion. When this happens water may leak from this older piping inside well and the pump will operate frequently causing premature wear and early failure. The result will be reduced water pressure. The cost of operating the well will increase if the owner doesn’t repair the problem. Choosing Specialty Pump and Well for well service in Carnation can prevent this from happening. 

The Well fills too slowly

Sometimes there are underlying problems that can prevent a well from filling as quickly as it did in the past. Sediment could be impairing the flow of water into the well. We have special equipment and to renew water flow into the well. Specialty Pump and Well’s use of this special equipment is way less expensive than drilling a new well.

A Short in the Electrical Supply

If your well pump won’t operate properly it may be that the pump isn’t getting proper power.  The first task is to test the power supply for issues. We can help. We are a Washington State Pump and Irrigation Licensed Electrical Contractor.

Repairing the electrical supply will restore electrical services to the pump. A pump replacement may be in order if the new power connection won’t fix the problem. We can help. We are a Washington State Pump Well Pump Contractor. 

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Water Isn’t Reaching the Home

If the pump is running and water isn’t flowing to the home, the culprit could be a broken or damaged water line. Call us to inspect for a broken water line. We are licensed to replace water and powerlines in the State of Washington. We are state licensed. 

Assessing the Pump Size

The well pump must properly sized for the intended use and for the well recovery rate to provide adequate water. We will evaluate your existing pump and give suggestions for appropriate pump sizing.

Sediment in water

Sediment and minerals wear away at your well pump and plumbing systems. The pump may become damaged and the filter screens and appliance filter screens may plug with sediment. The problem could be a sediment impaired well. One of our professionals may need to “Bail” the well. This process involves removing the well pump and using a special plunger to remove sediment. Sediment in the well is reduced and water flow is increased by this process. After this is completed a Sand Filter can be installed that will spin out sand from the water. We have many self-maintaining Sand Filter installations in place. Call anytime to set up a service call if you have sediment in your water.

Call Specialty Pump & Well For Trusted Well Services

Specialty Pump & Well technicians service wells and pumps and many related items including filters. During inspections our technicians will find the source of the problem. Once the problem is isolated we can perform repairs or replacement services. 

For more information on our well and pump services in Carnation, WA or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123.