Water Treatment & Filtration Services in Snohomish, WA

water treatmentPeople rely on water for cooking, cleaning and drinking every day and most homeowners probably assume their water is safe enough to drink.  Call us for water testing. While small amounts of contaminants in water may not make people sick they could still pose problems.

 Plumbing can be affected over time by certain elements in water used for daily tasks requiring replacement after premature wear and tear. If showering leaves skin and hair feeling dry or dull or the laundry seems dingy, water quality is the likely culprit.

When people seek to improve the quality of their home’s water supply from a well or even municipal supply, water treatment can help. The impurities lurking in a home’s water may not cause immediate alarm or health problems but they may pose risks that are beyond cosmetic.

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What Types of Treatment for Water Are Available?

Depending on the current water usage, family size, and lifestyle, some solutions may be more suitable than others. Check out the following types of water treatment and filtration.

  • Water softening
  • Water purification
  • Whole-house water filtration
  • Peroxide or Chlorine injection and removal
  • Ozone based systems
  • Ultra Violet systems

How Does Water Filtration Improve Quality of Life

water filtration provides some control instead of feeling powerless about your home’s water supply. Water specialists inspect and analyze water quality before suggesting solutions. 

Inorganic materials may manage to hide in a home’s water supply if the level of filtration isn’t sufficient. Products purchased at stores might not be able to filter out particulates that cause odors, funny tastes or stains. When water is filtered or treated it typically reduces the strain on plumbing, dishwashers, washing machines and shower fixtures.

After taking steps to improve water with the right type of treatment, skin and hair may take on an improved appearance after showers and dishes and laundry will look brighter. Odor, discoloration or water hardness should vanish. Specific health ailments that are exacerbated by poor quality drinking water may subside. 

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Help Choosing the Type of Treatment and Filtration

 A reputable company will send out a technician to analyze the home’s water quality, review specific needs and work with your budget. The amount water is used daily, the home’s current water source and issues like water hardness or low pressure will guide the equipment decisions.

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It is best to trust the installation of any treatment or filtration systems for a home’s water to an established, reputable company. We provide offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and offer products to meet a range of budgets. 

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