Well Pump Repair in Snohomish, WA

Well pump repair in Snohomish, WA Specialty Pump & WellIn some areas people can’t just tap into a municipal water supply and so they need to drill a private well for access to water. Private wells come with some added responsibilities Occasionally, homeowners may need to seek repair when something goes wrong. Call if you need help. We have been providing trusted well pump and related electrical services to Snohomish, WA and the surrounding communities for decades. 

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Common Well Pump Problems

No Water? Not enough water? Low Pressure? Pump starting and stopping? Leaking pipe? No Power to well or well house? Electrical Breaker won’t stay on? Sediment or odd taste in the water? Water test reveals contaminants?  

We can repair these issues. We are State of Washington Licensed Pump and Irrigation Contractors. This means we repair or replace plumbing and electrical lines and connections that run from the home to the well house or to the well head. We are licensed and equipped to remove any well pump from your well and install a new one including any and all related controls. 

 Pressure Tank Problems

Private wells generally utilize pressure tanks. A pressure tank is designed to hold pressurized water. If the pressure tank air ballast breaks internally, as they eventually do, the pump will cycle on and off every time a faucet is opened and closed. This will destroy your well pump and underground well wiring in a relatively short period of time. Call for same day service!

Improperly Sized Well Pumps

Well pumps need to be sized appropriately and are constrained by the water recovery rate or gallons per minute of water refilling the well. Submersible pumps use the well water to cool the motor. Wells that do not recover quickly may result in a dry running or “cavitating” pump. This overheats the motor and shortens the pump life dramatically. It is important to size the pump and motor correctly. Pumps and motors that are sized properly for the recovery rate will keep the motor cool and provide the maximum water volume and pressure. 

Proper pump sizing is an art and a science and we pay close attention to it. Submersible well pumps consist of a motor end and a pump end or “wet end”. Sizing the “wet end” end of a submersible pump correctly can result in maximum volume and long life. Sizing the correct motor horsepower will result in a long motor life. 

Electrical Failures

Most pumps run off of a home’s electrical supply. Check to make sure the circuit hasn’t been tripped before calling for help. If the problem isn’t that simple, call a professional for help. Working with electricity is dangerous for those who don’t have specialized training and experience.

We are a Licensed Electrical Contractor. Our License Number is EC SPECIPP78777. We are a Licensed Plumbing Contractor. Our License Number is PC SPECIPP787P7. With these two licenses we are described as a Plumbing-Electrical Combination Contractor. 

Dirty Water

The water coming out of the home’s taps should always be clean, clear and fresh smelling. If it tastes metallic or smells like rotten eggs, there may be underlying water quality issues. Also under certain conditions, sand or sediment may be drawn into the pump along with the water. No matter what’s wrong it’s best to call a professional to test the water and propose a filtration solution. Call us! This is what we do.

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The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Well pump systems perform best when they receive routine maintenance. Homeowners can call to schedule well pump service anytime. Some people are hesitant to pay for preventative maintenance but remember that a simple service call is usually quite affordable. 

What Homeowners Can Do

There are a few things that homeowners can do to keep their pumps in good working order.

These include:

  • Do not bury the well head or fill dirt above the well head. Dirty water can infiltrate into the well water.
  • Keep leaves and debris away from the well head.
  • Keep the ground sloped away from the well head.
  • Check the well cap and visible casing and report any damage to us.
  • Keep hazardous materials such as fertilizer away from the well head. 
  • Have the well water tested once a year.
  • Call for help if water quality trouble arises.

When to Replace a Well Pump 

Even maintained well pump system will reach the end of its useful lifespan and homeowners will be faced with an important decision. They can continue to make repairs or decide to update the equipment. We are ready to update your system to the latest technology on short notice. Call today! You’ll be amazed at some of the pump and control choices available today.

Work With the Best

Snohomish families deserve fresh clean water. We’ve been in business for decades and we’ve seen it all. Homeowners who need well pump repair services can trust us to offer professional, guaranteed and dependable help. 

For more information on our well pump repair services in Snohomish, WA, or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123.