Sump Pump services in Snohomish, WA

Sump pumps are valuable plumbing installations that protect against flooding. The rainwater collects in the sump pump basin and is piped to storm sewers or to a discharge point at least six feet away from the home. Sump pumps are necessary for properties where water collects in the crawl space of the building.

If your sump pump is not performing we can perform an inspection and repair to resolve the issue. 

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Sump Pump Isn’t Draining 

The sump pump must pump away from the property. Once the basin overflows, the sump pump won’t manage rain water properly and flooding around the basement and foundation can occur. Standing or puddling water leads to bacterial growth and mold. During an inspection our technicians test for proper drainage and pump operation. 

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There’s No Power to the Sump Pump

A sump pump must have a dedicated Ground Fault Interrupt Circuit (GFCI) power source to protect the user. The sump pump only runs when the water rises in the basin. To avoid an overflow we test the power supply and floats to identify electrical issues and correct problems before flooding occurs. An electrical short is a common problem for older sump pumps. 

Loud Noises Coming From the Sump Pump

Loud noises coming from the plumbing system may indicate that pump components may be failing and require replacement. If the repairs are more costly than a new unit, we will recommend a new sump pump. Ask for an estimate for a new installation.

A Failure to Complete Maintenance Tasks 

Upon a home purchase a buyer should to set up an inspection for the sump pump. The inspection shows issues related to the sump pump and the prospective buyer can get an estimate for repair or a new installation. The conditions revealed by the inspection are sometimes used in the final purchase negotiations.

Who to Call for Sump Pump Services? 

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Plumbing issues can have catastrophic effects on properties. Flooding at lower levels such as the basement or foundation cam cause serious property damage.  It encourages mold or mildew to spread throughout the building. Excessive exposure to water causes foundation cracks and too much moisture in the basement. A correctly installed sump pump can be one of the solutions to these possibilities. 

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