Well & Pump Services in Bellevue, WA

You should complete an inspection annually if a water well is installed on your property. We can help with that. If your well isn’t providing an adequate amount of water, there could be an issue that requires immediate action.  

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Odd Smells Coming from the Well

Foul smells or discoloration in your water can be indicators of bacterial growth or other issues. We can test your water for contaminants.

A Power Outage at the Well 

Well pump installations in Bellevue require electrical connections to power the well pump. When you open a faucet, the well pump engages and it supplies water to house. Without adequate electrical current the pump won’t perform as expected. Specialty Pump can assist is we are a licensed Washington State electrical contractor. 

Continuous Cycling or Won’t Shut Down

Continuous cycling causes major problems in the well. The pump should engage when the well is refilling with water or when the owner turns on the plumbing in the home. Otherwise, the pumps shouldn’t come on. If the pump is cycling too frequently, the owner sees a major spike in energy consumption and costs. What the owner could save on water utilities is lost if the well and the pump are using too much energy. 

Clogged Water Lines

Well inspections in Bellevue are beneficial for property owners and help find problem areas. The findings show if water lines have become clogged and aren’t providing a steady flow of water. During the inspection, our specialist will check the water lines for leaks and clogs.

With wells, there is a risk of mud flowing through the water lines and causing serious clogs. If the water drains too quickly from the well, the pump could pull muddy water from the bottom of the well. This allows muddy water and slug to enter the water lines, and a water line camera inspection identifies the source of the problem. 

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No Water at the Top of the Well 

If there isn’t any water in the well, the pump may have failed and require replacement. A faulty well pump will require more extensive =services, since the pump must be removed from the well. Our technician will rule out all other issues before we begin that process.  

A Faulty Switch

If the switch is faulty, the property owner needs electrical services to test the connection and restore power to the pump. Oftentimes, we can complete these services without the need for an electrician.. 

The Water Is Frozen

A heating lamp is a must during the winter to prevent wells from freezing. If the owner cannot get water inside the home, an inspection of the well determines if the water has frozen. The heating lamps can thaw the water, but won’t cause the water to become hot when flowing through the water lines. 

Water well services are necessary to maintain a dedicated supply of water for the property. There are a variety of issues that can arise as a result of a pump problem. However, there are also underlying issues that can stop the pump from working and increase risks for the plumbing system. At the first sign of an issue, it’s important to set up an inspection or repair services. 

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Specialty Pump & Well technicians complete invaluable services to maintain the water wells and the pumps. The services start with inspections to find the source of the problems. Homeowners can get a steady supply of water by setting up services at the first sign of a problem. To learn more about the well pump services, contact us for an appointment right now!  

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