Well & Pump Services in Bellevue, WA

We can complete a Well Inspection of the water well installed on your property. If your well isn’t performing in some way give us a chance to correct it.

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Odor from the Water

Odor or discoloration in your water can are water quality issues. We can test your water for odor related problems and advise on a solution. We can correct water quality issues.

A Power Outage at the Well 

Well pump installations in Bellevue require electrical connections to power the well pump.  Without adequate electrical current the pump won’t perform as expected. Specialty Pump can assist with this as we are a licensed Washington State electrical contractor. 

Continuous Cycling or Pump Won’t Shut Down

Continuous cycling can cause pump failure and cloudy sediment in the water. The pump should engage when the well tank is pressurizing with water or when you are using water in the home. Otherwise, the well pump shouldn’t be operating. If the pump is operating frequently when there is no call for water, it may lead to pump failure. Call us!

Clogged Water Filters

Well inspections in Bellevue are beneficial for property owners to help find problems. The inspection will reveal if the water systems and filters have become restricted and are clogging.

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No Water from the Well 

Your pump may have failed and require replacement. A faulty well pump will require more extensive service since the pump may need to be removed from the well. Our technician will rule out all other issues before we begin that process.  

Faulty Electrical

We can complete electrical repair services as we are an electrical contractor. Call if a controller or switch is faulty or you need general electrical services to restore power to your pump.

A Water Line Is Frozen

We offer winter weather freeze protection and winter repair services.

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Specialty Pump & Well technicians maintain water wells and pumps. The services start with inspections to find the source of problems. To learn more about our well pump service, contact us for an appointment! 

For more information on our well and pump services in Bellevue, WA or to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, contact us online or give us a call at (425) 487-0123.